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PROCLEAN™  - PROFESSZIONÁLIS MOSOGATÁS EGYSZERŰEN...KitchenFit technológiánk kétpontos felfüggesztésű csuklópántok segítségével biztosítja, hogy a mosogatógép ajtaja minden szögben megtartsa helyzetét...

About us

...The aim of Terék Furniture and Kitchen Studio is to ensure the most suitable service and selection of goods due to our customers' claims and opportunities... ...Introduction of the Terék Furniture and Kitchen Studio Our family works in furniture industry since 1962 in which we could get to be known widely and we could get a lot of experience as well In the beginning the main activity of our business was only the retail of furniture, then in 1995 we were among the first ones who introduced the production of the unique kitchens and their exhibition in a studio system,with this we expanded our supply and fulfilled the individual wishes... ...domestic and import kitchens, built in kitchen equipments, kitchen supplements, dining rooms, leather and upholstery sitting sets, fixed wardrobe rows ,furniture with elements, unique built in wardrobes... ...The Terék Furniture and Kitchen Studio is located in Nagykáta by the highway '31'-40 kms from the border of Budapest-was opened in 2000, then in 2002 it functions in a more expanded store, where we display our wide selection in 1700 sq... ...In 2005 we established our new kitchen studio in Törökbálint,in the biggest Interior Decoration store of Hungary... ...Besides the kitchen furniture displayed on 200 sq metres you can find Italian,German and Hungarian dining rooms and kitchen supplements... ...the possibility of complete interior design, overall service of project-tenders, kitchen image plan made by computer, ensure of home delivery, professional set up of furniture, possibility of hire-purchase, ensure of different unique discounts, constant offers In case we called your attention, please look up our website or visit our store in Nagykáta or in Törökbálint... ...the Terék Furniture and Kitchen Studio

Terék Bútorszalon és Konyhastúdió  -   2760 Nagykáta, Ady E. út 4/a.   -   Tel:+36 29 440 253,  +36 29 444 640 -   E-mail:    -   Mobil: +36 70 333 4781   -   Fax: +36 29 440 253

TH DESIGN Lakberendezési Stúdió  -  MaxCity fsz. 28-as üzlet   -   2045 Törökbálint, Tó-park u. 1/a (M1 törökbálinti lehajtónál)   -  Tel: +36 23 500 773   -   E-mail: